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Current Slitter Inventory

Add Roll Slitters
Looking For A Used Add Roll Slitter?
Continuous Rewinders
Looking For A Used Continuous Rewinder?
Counter Roll Winders
Looking For A Used Counter Roll Winder?
Duplex Center Slitters
Used Stanford 638 Duplex Center Slitter, Reference Number: 477246, Web Width: 30  in
Used Titan SR6 Duplex Center Slitter, Reference Number: 479248, Web Width: 1300  mm
Used Dusenbery 635 Duplex Center Slitter, Reference Number: 473594, Web Width: 62  in
Used Titan SR5 Duplex Center Slitter, Reference Number: 472772, Web Width: 63  in
Used Dusenbery 815 Duplex Center Slitter, Reference Number: 478929, Web Width: 72  in
Used Galileo MSR25 Duplex Center Slitter, Reference Number: 469171, Web Width: 2500  mm
Duplex Center Surface Slitters
Used Arrow 398 Duplex Center Surface Slitter, Reference Number: 477090, Web Width: 1300  mm
Duplex Turret Center Slitters
Looking For A Used Duplex Turret Center Slitter?
Inspection Winders
Used Aztec Sidewinder SR3010 Inspection Winder, Reference Number: 452718, Web Width: 10  in
Used Birch Brothers   Inspection Winder, Reference Number: 484010, Web Width: 20  in
Salvage Rewinders
Used Stanford 142 LT Salvage Rewinder, Reference Number: 477239, Web Width: 30  in
Simplex Slitters
Used Schmutz OJ-1968 Simplex Slitter, Reference Number: 472450, Web Width: 32  in
Used Goebel Rapid D1 Simplex Slitter, Reference Number: 482392, Web Width: 1250  mm
Used Custom   Simplex Slitter, Reference Number: 470361, Web Width: 50  in
Single Knife Cutters
Used Ding Tec   Single Knife Cutter, Reference Number: 473605, Web Width: 135  in
Used Ding Tec   Single Knife Cutter, Reference Number: 473608, Web Width: 67  in
Traverse Winders
Looking For A Used Traverse Winder?
Two Drum Winders
Used Cameron 428 Two Drum Winder, Reference Number: 130008, Web Width: 72  in
Used Jagenberg Conwind Two Drum Winder, Reference Number: 480097, Web Width: 75  in
Used Catbridge   Two Drum Winder, Reference Number: 478829, Web Width: 195  in
Other Slitting Machinery
Looking For Other Used Slitting Machinery?
Edge Guides
Used Erhardt + Leimer   Edge Guide, Reference Number: 371162, Web Width: 45  in
Used Fife OPG-LRB Edge Guide, Reference Number: 371051, Web Width: 45  in
Used WTI   Edge Guide, Reference Number: 119255, Web Width: 46  in
Knife Boxes
Looking For A Used Knife Box?
Roll Wrappers
Used Williams & Wilson   Roll Wrapper, Reference Number: 381916, Web Width: 100  in
Small Roll Finishing Systems
Looking For A Used Small Roll Finishing System?
Splice Boards
Looking For A Used Splice Board?

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